DigiPen Video game Programming and Animation

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The DigiPen Videogame Programming and Animation program is an advanced placement program in which the DigiPen Institute of Technology teaches video game design and programming. Areas of the study include math, computer science, computer programming and 2D/3D art animation. Students train in object-oriented programming languages, paradigms, software engineering techniques and practices, in addition to the core building blocks of pre-calculus, computer science, and arts (2D and 3D).

This program is in partnership with the DigiPen Institute of Technology. The program uses approved DigiPen curriculum and software. Experience the first year of videogame programming and development at Wenatchee Valley Tech. Click on the link to visit www.digipen.edu

Employment Outlook
There are a growing number of positions available in the digital entertainment industry. Graduates who successfully complete this program can get a head start on an exciting career. A career in the challenging field of interactive entertainment has a great future. Let the DigiPen Computer Science program give you a taste of what it is all about. You can obtain more information about DigiPen Institute of Technology by visiting www.digipen.edu

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