WSD District Directory

For e-mail addresses of individual teachers, please e-mail the building principal
(below with name of school) or check the school's web site (links below).

Bldg/Dept. Address Phone Bldg/Dept. Head
Administration 235 Sunset
PO Box 1767
(509)663-8161 Brian Flones, Superintendent
Administration Operations 235 Sunset
PO Box 1767
(509)663-8161 Jon DeJong, Assistant Superintendent
School Board
235 Sunset
PO Box 1767
(509)663-8161 Robert Sealby
Jesús Hernándéz
Jennifer Talbot
Laura Jaecks
Dr. Walter S. Newman
Athletics Office 1101 Millerdale (509)663-3384 , Director
Catering/WHS Cafeteria 1101 Millerdale (509)663-2524 Valerie Gray, Kitchen Manager
Career and Technical Education 1101 Millerdale (509)662-8754 Dennis Conger, Director
Columbia Elementary 600 Alaska (509)662-7256 Bill Eagle, Principal
Downtown Learning Center 234 North Mission (509)663-3369 Anne Miland, Secretary
Facilities and Risk Management 1001 Circle Street (509)663-0555 Bryan Visscher, Director
Foothills Middle School 1410 Maple St. (509)664-8961 Mark Goveia, Principal
Foothills Cafeteria 1410 Maple St. (509)663-4711 Thera Judd, Kitchen Manager
Human Resources 235 Sunset (509)663-8161 Lisa Turner, Executive Director of Human Resources
Instructional Technology & Assessments 1001 Circle St. (509)664-3865 Ron Brown, Director of Instructional Technology & Assessments
Juvenile Detention Center 316 Washington (509)667-6552 Michelle Lindell, Teacher
Learning and Teaching 235 Sunset Avenue (509)664-3707 Jodi Smith Payne, Assistant Superintendent
Lewis & Clark Elementary 1130 Princeton St. (509)663-5351 Alfonso Lopez, Principal
Lincoln Elementary 1224 Methow Street (509)663-5710 Tim Sheppard, Principal
Lincoln Special Education 1224 Methow Street (509)663-7249 Denese Sollom
Maintenance & Operations 1001 Circle St. (509)663-0555 Greg Thompson, M & O Director
Mission View Elementary 60 Terminal Avenue (509)663-5851 Jeff Jaeger, Principal
John Newbery Elementary 850 North Western (509)664-8930 Kevin Loomis, Principal
Food Services 1001 Circle St. (509)662-9345 Kent Getzin, Director
Orchard Middle School 1024 Orchard Avenue (509)662-7745 Mike Hopkins, Principal
Pioneer Middle School 1620 Russell Street (509)663-7171 Mark Helm, Principal
Pioneer Special Education 1620 Russell Street (509)663-5082  
Science Resources 1001 Circle St. (509)664-3865 Kelsay Stanton, Science Resource Coordinator
Jill Finelis, Science Filed Experience Coordinator
Special Education 112 South Elliot Street (509)663-7117 Trisha Craig, Director
Special Programs 235 Sunset Avenue (509)662-9634 Nancy Duffey, Director of State and Federal Programs
Sunnyslope Elementary 3109 School Street (509)662-8803 Cori Pflug-Tilton, Principal
Safety & Security 1201 Millerdale St. (509)663-1248 Director
Student and Support Services 235 Sunset Avenue (509)663-8161 Chet Harum, Executive Director of Students Services
Operational Technology 1001 Circle St. (509)664-3865 Dave Yancey, Director
Transportation 1201 Millerdale (509)662-6168 Marcia Hahn, Director
Wenatchee Education Association     Kathy Sadler, President
Washington Elementary 1401 Washington St. (509)662-5504 Keith Collins, Principal
Wenatchee High School 1101 Millerdale (509)663-8117 Bob Celebrezze, Principal
Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center 327 E. Penny Rd. (509)662-8827 Jon Torrence, Director
WestSide High School 1521 Ninth St. (509)663-7947 Kory Kalahar, Principal